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UT Assessment Resources

  1. Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  .docx / PDF (Revised May 2017; will become an assessment manual)
  2. Holistic Rubric for Assessment Report Evaluation – PDF (2018)Top-12-Considerations-for-Writing-the-Annual-Assessment-Report
  3. Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
  4. Teaching and Learning Innovation

Planning Module How-to Guides

  1. What’s Changed in the Planning Module Interface (At-a-Glance)
  2. Using the Feedback Form (step-by-step guide for providing feedback on annual reports by college- and institution-level reviewers; PDF, August 2017)
  3. Planning Module How to Guide (step-by-step guide to working in the Planning Module; PDF, August 2017)
  4. Extended Cycle: The Why’s and How (explains under what circumstances when Extended Cycle should be used; PDF, April 2017)
  5. Top Ten Considerations When Reviewing an Assessment Report (2018)
  6. Student Life Assessment and Strategic Initiatives Resources
  7. Running Reports (step-by-step guide on how to run reports; PDF, revised May 2015)
  8. Retiring an Outcome (explanation of why and how to retire an academic program student learning outcome; PDF, April, 2017)
  9. General Education Course Assessment Form (step-by-step instructions to access and enter general education course assessment information; PDF, April 2017)
  10. Routing Assessment Reports in Compliance Assist (how to notify the Office of the Dean that the assessment report is complete and ready for review; PDF, June 2015)
  11. Explanation of Fields for Major Learner Outcomes (a list that describes the information needed to complete the different fields in the Program Major Learner Outcome Form; PDF, revised October 2014)
  12. How to View Multiple Years of Assessment and Generate a Report (describes how to change the academic year or years you are viewing in the system; PDF, April 2017)
  13. Using Program Status Report (describes how to post a report that explains the status of a program under closure, revision, or reorganization; PDF, April 2017)